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IV Markets is now STARTRADER

Dear Patron,

In a market that’s constantly evolving, we at IV Markets have always tried to stay a step ahead. In this effort, we have now taken the leap to become more customer-centric, cutting-edge, and fully regulated.

It gives us immense delight to inform you that IV Markets is now STARTRADER– the world’s fastest-growing broker.

Start trading with the world’s fastest-growing broker

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IV Markets Support Team

We are responsible for your spring gift~

    MAKER PE3320

    Net Deposit 1,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Apple AirPods Pro

    Net Deposit 3,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Apple iPad mini
    Wi-Fi 64GB

    Net Deposit 6,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Dyson V12
    Detect Slim Fluffy

    Net Deposit 8,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Public Gold BungaMas
    Series Bar 10g (Au 999.9)

    Net Deposit 9,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Iphone pro max 13 1TB 2

    Net Deposit 12,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • MacBook Pro
    16”inch 16GB 1TB SSD

    Net Deposit 20,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Honda CB300R

    Net Deposit 50,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • BMW C 400 GT

    Net Deposit 100,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Honda City

    Net Deposit 200,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Mazda CX-5 2.5L
    Signature Premium 2WD

    Net Deposit 300,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

  • Audi RS 6 Avant

    Net Deposit 450,000 USD
    Trade Volumes
    (Standard Lots)

Terms & Conditions

1. Trading FX pairs, XAUUSD, XAGUSD and CL-OIL(1000 buckets) for 1 lot on MT4 are recorded as 1 standard lot. Trading INDEX, UKOUSD, USOUSD, and mini Gold (XAUUSD.m+, XAUUSD.m) for 1 lot on MT4 are recorded as 0.1 of 1 standard lot. Commodities, Stock CFDs and Crypto are not applicable.

2. Open MT4 live trading account in IV Markets, make a deposit during the promotion period in order to participate in this promotion.

3. During the promotion, each customer can participate in the promotion multiple times. To participate in the promotion again, you need to deposit again, and meet the requirements of the corresponding number of transactions and net deposit. You can submit the application for this prize again from the day after you receive the email from the previous gift review.

4. During the promotion, the number of trading lots and net deposit of the account with the same name can be calculated cumulatively; when you participate in the promotion again, the number of trading lots and net deposit will also be recalculated again.

5. Only closed positions will be calculated.Open positions will not be calculated .

6. During the event, any breach of these Terms and Conditions of the Event such as using the same IP address for trading at the same time, conducting unauthorized, misconduct, fraudulent or other improper usage such as arbitrage, scalping, high-frequency trading, latency arbitrage and malicious hedging with multiple accounts(including but not limited to IV Markets internal accounts, but also between accounts of different brokers) etc. IV Markets has the right to decline participation, immediately cancel one's qualification, deduct improper profits and terminate the partnership with clients.
Any termination of the partnership (disqualification of events, deduction of improper profits, etc.) caused by imporper trading shall be borne by traders themselves. IV Markets has sole descretion to determine the trading methods. In addition, for the protection of client's right and privacy, IV Markets may not be able to provide relevent proof.
Clients participating in this event are regarded as fully understand and accept the above content. If clients are judged to have improper trading behavior, they have no right to post malicious comments or words that would damage IV Markets's reputation on any social media or channels; otherwise, one should bear legal responsibilities.
This promotion is not shared with other promotions during the same period.

7. IV Markets is not responsible for the quality of promotion gifts and after-sales issues. IV Markets reserves the right to interpret all promotions.

8. Please note that this campaign is not applicable to customers in China (Mainland) and Taiwan who hold Islamic accounts.


1. The first deposit time during the promotion is regarded as the registration time for the promotion.

2. From the date of registration until the end of the promotion within 60 calendar days, complete the corresponding number of transactions. During the promotion, there are no restrictions on the deposit and withdrawal of the account, but the balance in the account must meet the corresponding net deposit requirements from the day of gift application until 2 pm of the next day (net deposit = total deposit amount-total withdrawal amount)

3. Customers who have completed the corresponding activity conditions can contact your consultant to apply for gifts, or send an email directly to [email protected], please indicate your name, trading account number, phone number, registration date for participating in the activity, applied gift name and gift receiving address.

4. For gift redemption, please complete the application within 70 calendar days after initial deposist to avoid disqualification.

5. After the gift application is approved, we will arrange the delivery in order within 10-15 working days.

Risk Warning

IV Markets provides leveraged derivative products including forex and CFD. Please note that leveraged products may NOT be suitable for all investors since these carry high level of risk to your capital and it is possible to lose more than your net deposit. It is your responsibility to fully understand that when trading on a margin or leverage basis, your capital is at risk, and carefully consider your investment objectives, trading knowledge, experience, and affordability. Please do not trade if you are unable to afford the loss that the trading may bring. It is recommended to seek independent and professional suggestions if you have any questions or concerns about the products IV Markets provides.

Please note that IV Markets do NOT intervene or take responsibility for the loss caused by following trading advice or copy trades.

Follow the three simple steps to claim the gifts

  • Account Opening
    and Deposit

  • Trade

  • Contact Customer Service
    to claim the reward